Sydney Football Club and 1-Leg Stiff Legged Deadlift

I came across training videos from Sydney FC’s YouTube channel and loved how I saw RFE split squats and 1-leg stiff-legged deadlifts. We try and emphasize the importance of single leg strength, control, and power in our soccer athletes.  One of my favorite hip dominant lifts for our athletes is 1-leg DB (dumbbell) SLDL.  As a movement the 1-leg DB SLDL ensures….

  • Co-contraction of AB/ADucctors in single leg stance  (very important for hip stability)
  • Hip dominance: because it is more of a hinge movement and most of our athletes are “quad” dominant
  • Single leg control (avoiding knee collapse), especially with female soccer athletes, is one of the primary if not the most important aspect to training we need to improve in order to limit the abundance of ACL injuries that occur.
  • Heavy involvement of the back functional line which is extremely important to create strong rotational movement

Sydney FC Barbell 1-Leg SLDL: I have tried using the barbell but I do not like it as much as the DB version

Dumbbell version w/ Packed Neck (this is how we try to teach it)

Things to consider:

-Keep eyes down at bottom

-Slight knee bend but all motion occurs at hips

-Arm with DB should keep a tightly packed shoulder

-When (1) 40-50lb dumbbell becomes easy, add dumbbell in other arm (arm on outside of knee)



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