Whey Protein of Choice

Whey protein supplementation is a popular topic that many athletes question us about.  For over a year, I have stuck with two basic proteins of choice.  These are Biotest GROW Whey Protein and Generation UCAN (what we sell at our facility).  Typically, I recommend Biotest because I have learned from Brian St. Pierre that it’s a quality protein with a good amino acid profile that is relatively cheap.  The other important factors that I consider with protein is taste and mix-ability (my own word like Bud Light’s stupid drinkability).

A quality tasting protein can persuade athletes to buy it which will in turn, possibly encourage smarter supplementation and convince them that not all that actually tastes good is certainly garbage.  Our society is hung up on the idea that nutritious food has to taste terrible.  Well, that’s wrong.  Anyway, Biotest meets this standard easily.  I have had many of our athletes try it (w/ water) and they love it.


Honestly, I have never tried to mix any other protein in greek yogurt or oatmeal but GROW mixes super easily in these quality food choices.  Certain protein brands also have this hatred to mix well in water.  GROW never seems to do this.

If there is one snack idea that athletes are looking for to boost the quality of their diet or for anyone that likes new nutritious food choices, my favorite is Stonyfield Greek Yogurt (plain Whole Milk), mixed with 1-2 scoops of GROW.  Literally, it tastes like chocolate pudding.


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