My Favorite Way To Teach the Hinge (So Far)

Coaching is always awesome, unpredictable, and sometimes downright crazy.  Luckily we have many professionals in the field who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge with the rest of us (Thank you!).  I have learned various coaching cues, ideas, methods, etc… from attending seminars, reading blogs, watching DVDs, and reading various books from some of the nation’s best. Teaching the hinge (deadlift) to new athletes without previous training experience can be a daunting task and so far the best one technique I have learned has come from Dr. Perry Nickelston.

What happens when you don’t teach it right from the start

His practice is located in Ramsey, NJ and his website, Stop Chasing Pain, can be viewed here.  I have used this technique with a few clients with really poor control and body awareness with the hinge and with this technique it immediately cleaned up.  As Dr. Perry explains in his blog seen here ,the PVC cleans up a lot of the problems seen in the hinge.  Enjoy the video and feel free to use this with your athletes, it works wonders.

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  1. Great post. I cringe when I see people do deadlifts wrong. Great technique.

  2. I also like the way Dan John teaches it, using what he calls the wall drill.


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