1-Leg Goblet Squat: Working Around Hip Flexor Strains

Unilateral lifts are an integral part the training process for our athletes.  On occasion we may have athletes that have suffered or currently suffer from hip flexor strains.  Part of the learning process is adapting the training program to continually progress strength, power, or conditioning (among other qualities) even if a nagging injury is present.  Reverse lunges and split squats have fantastic progressions that allow us to load them sufficiently to enhance our athletes strength strong, however, a hip flexor strain can be further irritated if we perform a unilateral exercise where the back hip is in extension. 1-leg goblet squats are a smart choice if the goal is strength and stability without irritating the back hip.

Great alternative for lower body

As you can see, the bottom leg (off bench) does not need to get into extension.  You have the choice of holding lighter DB’s out in front (picture) or holding a DB on the chest (goblet position) which allows you to load more weight.  The 1-leg goblet squat is also a progression we use for single leg strength so it is important to understand where our athletes are at so that we know if they are ready it.



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