Taking Baby Steps in the Athlete’s Nutrition

A few articles were written over the past few days regarding whether organic food contains more nutritional value than regularly grown food.  By regular I mean the farmers use chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers (among others).  Making change in athletes whether physically or mentally, comes down to taking baby steps.  I truly believe in the “minimal effective dose” approach.  Quite simply, we provide enough of a stimulus to make change in order to get a result.  It is the complete opposite of the “all of nothing” mindset.  The all or nothing approach will work in the short-term but not in the long-term.  In my opinion, nutrition needs the same approach.  We could suggest organic foods in order to maximize their results but that may be too big of a step.  Instead, focus on switching from processed foods to whole food choices.  It can even be as simple as making one change at a time. It is a bit easier to switch from cereal to eggs and spinach in the morning.  Regardless if they are organic eggs, we just made a big change that’s simple and easy to implement.


Cereals, bagels, white bread, fast foods, frozen dinners, this is only the short list of processed garbage that is surrounding the household. Simple ways to implement whole food meals can go a long way.  Preventing injury, lessening inflammation, recovering from training will be enhanced if we can provide simple whole food choices (meals) to athletes and people who are willing to set out after their goals.  Later this week will be simple choices I have made or recommended to athletes (although I am never perfect) that can make a big difference.



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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve been sneaking changes in my 16 year old’s diet over the past few years. I just keeping having him try little bits of better food and some of it sticks. The best part is that he has started to notice how processed food affects him. We are making strides. He eats really well from Monday morning to Sunday after his last game and then fine…crack open that bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. I figure one day he’ll be repulsed by it but until then baby steps!

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