Sticking with the Goblet Squat and Stiff Legged Deadlift

     When I first came across the trap bar deadlift (hex bar deadlift) I fell immediately in love with it.  Mainly because…

  • It seemed to be a hybrid of a squat/deadlift pattern
  • Low back “friendly”
  • No commerical gym ever has them so I was never able to use one
  • It is easier to teach athletes

As a result, we typically always incorporate this for the majority of our clients/athletes but there are some instances where body size or type makes it look awkward.  That “type” is for very short individuals who may have short arms as well.  If you have ever had young athletes who are very short, the trap bar handles quickly turn into a snatch grip style of deadlift (see hand width below)

It is a rare situation but they make the lift look awkward and I tend to regress or progress to movements where I am certain it will continue to be performed correctly.  If this is the case, opt out of the trap bar even if it is a progression on the program and stick with goblet squats (keep going heavier).  Since these athletes are typically younger, it will not stunt the progress to keep goblet squatting along with other pulling patterns such as slideboard hamstring curls and barbell stiff legged deadlifts.

P.S. We have training programs starting at Endeavor on Sept 17th.  If you are interested in training with any goal is mind please feel free to stop in and talk.  We are also offering 1 free training session to see how we coach, make personalized programs, and assess our athletes if you’d like to hop in.  If 1x is not enough and you want to get the full experience of how we train we are offering a 89$ trial that is 2x/week (8 sessions=11$/session) for the first month.  The program is customized to you.  89$ is a ridiculous for serious training but we want to help out as much as possible!

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