Accepting That (Sometimes) Sports Are Out of the Strength Coaches Control

    Do the best job you can do with what you have.

I love that quote for many reasons as it relates to athletic development and life because there are multiple ways to skin a cat (get results), some better than others.  However, many things are outside of the strength coaches control.  Athletes can be involved with a sport where the coach requires multiple practices in one day, 3 hour-long sessions, conditioning athletes until they vomit, etc. Not that all these are “bad,” some are even necessary (like multiple practice in 1 day) but extreme intensity (aka vomit no good!) can crush an athlete physiologically and mentally. It can lead to overuse injuries later in the season and if not managed correctly, decrease one’s overall performance.  Since I am in a private setting, a lot of what we do is figure out when players have games, how many, and see how they are feeling when they come back that week.  I’m not going to lie, 95% of the time because the athlete’s are young, we continually push them to keep getting stronger, faster, and more explosive.  At Endeavor, we have everything an athlete or client needs to become an elite athlete, shed fat, and get lean so there aren’t limitations with program design. However we don’t really know how coaches in the area run their practices or what they did in the preseason.

Our facility allows us to individualize programs, assess athletes, intensively coach athletes on how to lift with correct form, make regressions if needed, and condition according the energy demands of the sport.  At another place, it may be different.  They may have only one dumbbell rack in a small space. Consequently, they may have a ton of knowledge but are not able to apply it exactly the way they want. If it’s me, I am doing the best I can with the space I have and what I know currently.  There are a 1000+ different situations in different facilities where coaches may need to take a different approach (maybe not the most optimal) in order to get the best out of their athletes/clients.  The goal is to do the best you can with what you have.



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