Examples of Work Capacity Circuits to Improve Fitness

Work capacity circuits are one method to help improve aerobic fitness as well as help recover between games, practices, or other training sessions.  I love incorporating these on off days of training or if feeling sluggish.  By the end of the training session I almost always feel fresh, more awake, and alert.  It is also a method that I would prescribe for people who do not like to take days off.  These types of clients or athletes tend to do too much and would benefit greatly from low-level work for an extended period of time with minimal rest.  Notice I said low-level.  These can easily turn into high intensity and would defeat the purpose of “recovery.”

The goal would be to perform 8-12 exercises (you can use less) that typically consist of bodyweight movements, general or specific mobility drills, core, or light weight work.  It would be wise to also check heart rate after the completion of each set.  Typically, we want to strive for 120-150 range.  Anything more may start to push it a bit too high for my liking.


# 1 (My Favorite)
Bodyweight Squat or Goblet Squat x 10

Push Ups x 10

KB Swing or Slideboard Hamstring Curl x 10

Suspended Row or Face Pull x 10

Stability Ball Front Plank with MiniRollout x 10

Airdyne or Jog for 30s

Repeat for 20-30 minutes



Bodyweight Squat

Push Up

Front Plank/Side Plank Rotations

Overhead Reverse Lunge

Stability Front Plank Stir the Pot

Lateral Lunges

Suspended Row (knees bent if needed)

Standing Cable Chop

MB chest pass against wall

Spiderman Lunge w Rotation

**Perform 5-8 reps/side under control and rest as long as it took to complete


There is endless variety to how you want to accomplish this.  Alternating between upper and lower body exercises may be a wise choice so that you give that area a break between movements.  Recovery is just as(if not more) important as training hard.  For athletes that had a really long weekend or feel exhausted, work capacity circuits can significantly help.  For the client or general weekend warrior, these are ideas that may help them feeling great even on an off day.






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