A Chance to Train for Free in South Jersey

Hiring a personal trainer or improving athletic performance nowadays does not always come cheap.  As a result, Endeavor Sports Performance is providing 1 free trial session to see how we program for personal training clients and athletes.  For those who read this, you may be thinking that you have been lifting for years, know what you are doing, and have seen great results with the programs you have followed.   I commend you for engaging in fitness and being consistent with training, however, there are certain trends and methods that I think can be improved upon when it comes to individualizing training for anyone who desires it.  Most people who I’ve seen in commercial gyms follow cookie cutter programs out of magazines, videos from Youtube, a bodybuilder, or past experience.  Not that these are wrong, but they are not individualized for the athlete or the general client to meet specific goals. With that being said there are two offers which we currently started implementing.

#1 One Free Trial Session

  • You can sign up to join in with one of our training groups to see how we teach and implement our programs.

#2 89$ trial 2x/month for the first month

  • We started offering this for those who want a more in-depth experience with training at a first class facility.  We will assess to see if there is any left to ride side-asymmetries, mobility restrictions, and observe how you move as a whole. Basically, the assessment guides the program we create for you so that we don’t do anything that will hurt you in the long run.  It’s also a great way for beginner, intermediate, or advanced athletes and personal clients to improve their training methods and to make that time more efficient. It also provides instruction for how to warm-up properly, include corrective exercise if needed, and strategies to keep them from having nagging injuries which is sometimes (although it shouldn’t be) part of the training process.  We have had multiple people come to us for the trial simply to improve the effectiveness of their programs, nutrition program, or a way to get out of injury.  We also look at this time as a way to intensively coach people the right way.  These are all the various ways we are trying to help out our athletes and clients.

If you are interested or have any other questions feel free to contact me at my email MSiniscalchi@Endeavorfit.com, mattsiniscalchi@gmail.com or by my Facebook.  Our brand new website is endeavorfit.precisedev.com. Check it out to see all the information.  If you want to stop or just check out the facility we are located at 614 Lambs Road in Pitman, NJ (we are in the center of the TotalTurf facility)

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