2 Top Things To Help Coach Good Form

Teaching exercises correctly may be the single most important part of coaching (and there are a lot!).  We can know a ton about periodization, injury prevention, corrective exercise, posture, physiology, etc…but if we cannot coach the exercise effectively then the previous topics may become less irrelevant.

Case in point, the PVC pipe and the wall.  I have been a huge advocate of goblet squats, the pvc pipe, and using the wall for one main reason.  They all work for teaching movements and position. Getting into the correct position holds a lot of merit considering that anytime something is performed it needs to be performed correctly without weight first.  Holding a dumbbell in front of the chest and squatting almost immediately makes any horrible squatter much better. You can thank Dan John for that idea. The pvc pipe provides feedback to the athlete as to where you want their neck, upper back, and hips.  The wall is a great way (similar to the pvc) to teach sitting up tall, hinging for deadlifts, and the set up for the side plank.  Hear of some ideas on where and what to use each for…

PVC Pipe

  • Push Ups (neck, upper back, and butt all in line)
  • Front Planks (same as above)
  • Seated Cable Rows
  • Core exercises or lifts in tall or half kneeling


The wall 

  • Hinging before deadlifting
  • Side plank position
  • Chin position (think wall chin tucks)
  • T-spine position



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