4 Top Traits A Strength Coach/Personal Trainer Should Have

With all that’s out there in the fitness world there are some traits that strength coaches and personal trainers should exude when working with athletes and clients (not in particular order of importance)

#1  Care, Care, Care

  • I heard it from Mike Boyle first and from InsideOut Coaching.  Consequently, if you don’t care about your athlete’s or clients then what in the blue hell are you doing training them. Cough, cough—trainers just yelling or texting while training people.

#2 Give them the best you have

  • There are many reasons for continuing education, the main one is to provide our clientele with the best possible chance to perform and stay injury free. Reading blogs, watching DVD’s, attending seminars, and reading books should be required for all who train people.

#3 Family and Friends come first

  • Being a strength coach rocks…seriously.  However, family and friends should be cherished more than one’s job.  I recently had a friend’s father suddenly pass away. It has to be one of the toughest obstacles a son or daughter has to go through when the people you love most move on, especially when they are incredible like he was.  Be there for them no matter what.

#4 Don’t be an A##

  • Let’s face it, there are so many terrible strategies or fads in the fitness world and some trainers think they’re tremendous because it looks cool.  Results should be obtained in a manner that is safe.  It doesn’t mean that it’s correct to bury that person or rub them the wrong way in order to get your point across. I may disagree with someone but I won’t be a complete d***.  However, I will give the Ram Jam if they become ignorant.

The Wrestler —RAMJAM


That’s all I got for now.




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