Core Stability For Soccer Athletes: Part 2 (Traditional Issues)

In Part 1, the goal was to provide a basic way to start core stability for soccer athletes (among others) in order to provide static stability through the hips, pelvis, and torso.  Another way to look at core stability is to be able to dissociate the extremities from the pelvis and torso.  Today, I wanted to shed light on “traditional” core exercises that are not suited for these athletes.  These tend to train athletes into disadvantageous positions which you may already know about…

#1 Sit-Ups

  • Excessive lumbar flexion can place upwards of 3000n of force onto the lumbar spine..I believe that is 600lbs (correct me if wrong)!
  • Promotes lumbar mobility instead of lumbar stability.  We want lumbar stability.

#2 Drawing-In or “Abdominal Hollowing”

  • Imagine sucking in your gut.  This is drawing-in as a means to activate transverse abdominis (Tva) which was thought to be a way to prevent back pain.  We know that core strength or stability is about co-contraction of all abdominal musculature (inner=timing to turn on, outer=works to prevent movement) not necessarily isolation.

hollowing will shrink your stomach size temporarily but will not keep you healthy increase performance

#3 Supermans

  • Quite similar to sit ups, it is loading the lumbar spine repetitively….flat out, just not advised.

Not smart considering soccer athletes live in “extension”




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