Designing The Strength Portion of the Program for Soccer

One topic of discussion that I find interesting is designing basic strength training templates not just for our soccer athletes but for all athletes.  I also provided (if practical) an organized way to  design practices.  Click on link below to see these thoughts.


Thoughts On How To Organize Soccer Practices

Besides the warm-up (foam rolling, mobilizations, etc..), designing an efficient strength template can be as simple as follows…(this is already assuming plyometrics or speed work is done prior)

Most CNS Intensive——————————————Least CNS Intensive

Relatively Heaviest———————————————————————–Least Heavy

Using these continuum’s we can make more efficient programs to help our athletes be more successful in the weight room and on the field.

Example Full-Body Day Strength Day

A1)  Trap Bar Deadlift 3 x 5 (relatively most taxing lift of the day)

A2) Mobilization or Core Stability Exercise (What athlete may need more of)

A3) Explosive Push Up 3 x 6 –key word “Explosive”

B1) DB Reverse Lunge 3 x 8/side (Single leg variation is in every day)

B2) Mobilization or Core Stability Exercise (what the athlete may need more of)

B3) 1-Arm Standing Cable Row 3 x 8/side

C1) Slideboard Lateral Lunge (Bodyweight) 2 x 10/side (Bodyweight variation)

C2) Lateral Miniband Walk 2 x 10/side

The example is pretty simple but works well:  Most taxing lifts are performed in the A’s, slightly less taxing would be B’s, and C’s would be either bodyweight or light(er) patterns.  Obviously, the above example is not set in stone and a multitude of factors play into how one wants to program for the athlete.  On a s imilar note, what a trainer has at his/her disposal and what’s practical at their facility plays a large role in programming.



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  1. How much do you progress weekly on weight when you work with soccer players?

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