Balancing Pressing in Programs

There are two types of pressing patterns we can choose to program for our athletes and clients.

Vertical Pressing (Overhead Presses)

Horizontal Pressing (Bench or Push-up variations)

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Overhead athletes require special considerations when programming pressing and it may be more advantageous to stay with closed-chain exercises (push-up variations) and including more pulling.  Not to say they cannot bench, but picking neutral grip dumbbell variations is safer as it allows more “breathing room” in the subacromial space of the shoulder. For the overhead athletes. as well as other athletes, we can find the  “middle ground” to with landmine variations.

A beneficial and more conservative approach to pressing variations for a 2-3 day/week program is to follow the following pressing progression…

1st: Horizontal Pressing variations (push ups, dumbbell benches)

2nd: Landmine Pressing variation (this is halfway between horizontal and vertical pressing)

3rd: Vertical Pressing variations (1/2 kneeling, tall-kneeling, and standing overhead presses)

Later on in the week will feature some assessments/exercises that can be good indicators of the athletes ability to maintain core stability while overhead pressing.




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