Easier Way To Program For Athletes in Groups

My colleague David Lasnier designed all the phases for our baseball athletes this year and he came up with a great way to design the programs for a group of athletes that may require different qualities. Certain athletes require more stability work while others may present with more stiffness thus prioritizing more mobility work.  Writing the program this way (and highlighting which athlete needs what) makes it a bit more effective and more individualized.  Also, if you work in large groups this may be a great way to regress or progress athletes based upon their individual differences.  Check out the picture below

highlighted options for this particular athlete needed more mobility

highlighted options for this particular athlete needed more mobility

Check out B2: Athlete “A” would perform a set of the side standing med ball scoop w/ partner toss (B1) then perform a set of a prayer position thoracic spine rotation mobility (instead of the rolling pattern –a stability based exercise).  In C2, I chose to incorporate both as the athlete needs dynamic stability of the cuff and ankle mobility.
Another example is seen in D3, instead of belly press (which is important) we are going to work on full body hip and t-spine mobility.
Note:  Not that they wouldn’t work on stability but they will incorporate drills which they need to prioritize certain qualities than others.


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