Paused 1-Leg DB/KB Stiff Legged Deadlift

The 1-leg hinge or 1-leg dumbbell/kettlebell stiff legged deadlift has become a staple in many of the programs I write.  Athletes learn how to produce strength, power, and stability of the hips in a unilateral pattern while also receiving contralateral shoulder stability (packed shoulder positioning). When an athlete lacks eccentric control or stability in the bottom position of the lifts (typically the hardest position to overcome), I have learned through time that learning movements with eccentrics or isometrics is a great way to improve any pattern. With a true beginner learning this movement, I would have them put the bell down, pause, reset (staying tight) in their bottom position (notice the 2-10lb plates on the ground) before pulling the next rep.  Everyone may have a different starting position because of mobility or stability deficits so don’t be afraid to pile up more than 2 plates. The “paused” or deadstop position can help teach the athlete/client to get stronger at their most vulnerable (weakest) part of the movement.  Here is a pretty good video of technique from one of our high school soccer athletes…


IMPORTANT: make sure you screen out their active straight leg raise from the FMS.  Here is a protocol to follow if their active straight leg is not between 70-90 degrees…


Try it out!


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