The Ultimate Basic Progression/Regression List of Lifts

Progressions play a big role when it comes to challenging the athlete from one phase to the next.  Not to be overlooked, regressions play just as important a role because any progression may need to be, in fact, regressed…that is made simpler.  Some sample progressions for training can be…


Static–>Dynamic (front plank–>front plank march)

Increasing the Range of Motion (DB Reverse Lunge–> DB Reverse Lunge from a deficit)

Wide to Narrow (decreasing base of support)

Stable–>Unstable (Push Up on ground–>Push Up off Bosu) **only applicable in upper body lifting

Acceleration–>More Deceleration Oriented (Reverse Lunge–>Forward Lunge)

Check out this holy grail of the basic movements that most will have success with in my opinion.




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