How to Teach Athletes to Engage Their Lats

In order for athletes to become stronger and more stable in pulling variatons such as deadlifts, chin ups, or rows we need to teach them how to engage their lats.  One issue I find when teaching the kettlebell deadlift to beginners or even for athletes who start to pull heavier weights off the floor is the lack of lat engagement.  When an athlete is able to engage the lats, it sets a solid platform to put the body in a strong and stable position.  The lats are also extremely important because of their fascial connections to the opposite side glute.
sling1I am a huge fan of Gray Cook’s work not because he is so brilliant but because he can explain exercises and movement so easily.  Watch this video and start to use it with the deadlift pattern with someone who doesn’t have the awareness to stay connected from the shoulders and into the hips.

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  1. Why is it that I can watch some of your videos and not Others? Keep up the great work Val

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