Soccer Dynamic Warm-Up Video

Soccer Training: Basic Warm-up

Here is a basic soccer dynamic warm-up that I filmed while also having my beloved beard (I miss it terribly).  The idea behind the order of the movements is quite simple.

  1. Slow and controlled movements moving towards more dynamic quicker movements. 
Juventus : "The Old Lady"

Juventus : “The Old Lady”

The warm-up is often an overlooked aspect of sport that I have presented to a few soccer coaches in community to give them a sense of how athletes can incorporate more single leg strength/stability, motor control, hip and thoracic spine mobility, the dissociation of hips and spine, ankle mobility (which is not in the video), and a host of movements for coordination that is typically lacking in many players  (besides overall strength).

The video is only one variation and there are many ways to get a desired effect.  Especially if certain athletes having glaring mobility or stability deficits, we can individually address these with specific mobility/stability  drills or correctives.


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