Free Soccer Nutritional Guide, TedxTalks on Excessive Running: A Health Problem?

Soccer Training: Nutrition

Things are starting to pick up at Endeavor so I wanted to share quick quality information.



1. Nutritional Guide for Soccer Players

  • My colleague and Dutch friend Guido has released a free nutritional guide for soccer athletes that everyone should take a look at.  He breaks down pre and post match meal ideas and how much you should consume.  He has interned under a few Dutch clubs (Roda & Ajax) and just recently finished interning with Tranmere Rovers in England.  Click on the link below to be directed to his nutritional guides

Soccer Science: Nutrition Guides

2. TedxTalks on Running

  • Thought provoking video on how excessive running can cause more harm than good in the heart.  It sure caught my attention and it’s only 18 minutes long.

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  1. FREE “ready to use” Aerobic Capacity Testing Spreadsheet –

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