Deep Neck Flexor Activation for Soccer Players

Soccer Training: Injury Prevention

The deep flexors of the neck play a pivotal role in core functioning and performance.  In theory, they may also play a role in preventing concussion-like symptoms.  The picture below shows a common postural neck position referral pattern to headaches.  You can see the person is stuck in a forward head posture which puts the posterior neck musculature in a shortened positioned thereby inhibiting the anterior neck musculature.


At Endeavor, we attack this common pattern by incorporating thoracic spine mobility drills with accompanying deep neck flexor activation exercises.  Concurrently, we are downright anal about neck positioning in all lifts.  Soccer also requires a forward head “action” in order to head the ball effectively.  It is important to remember that not all actions in sport should be reinforced in training.

This wouldn't be acceptable in a deadlift, squat, reverse lunge, push-up etc..

This wouldn’t be acceptable in a deadlift, squat, reverse lunge, push-up etc..

Whether it’s a soccer player, general training client, or other sport athlete it would be safe to put some of these drills into their warm-ups or between sets of main lifts to encourage proper neck positioning, function, and core performance.

Phase 1-Lying Chin Tuck

Faulty Chin Tuck (poor core control)



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