Soccer Injury Prevention: Hamstring Assessment Part 3

Soccer Training: Injury Prevention

Part 1 & Part 2 gave a decent amount of hamstring anatomy, function, and the active straight leg raise assessment.  When we look at both the FMS and PRI methodologies, as I alluded to in the part 2, it can be common to see asymmetries.  These can and should be normal is asymmetrical sports that require rotation in specific directions, we are looking for “gross” asymmetries and how we can restore them back to a normal range.

Look at the asymmetry on my active straight leg raise (of course I did this for learning sake!)

Right ASLR (2 = FMS score)

Left ASLR (3 =FMS score)

aslr r



This is not what one would typically expect in a L AIC pattern that we have come to see in most athletes.  From part 2…

“After we have done the two basic assessments (adduction drop  & extension drop test) and know they are in a L AIC pattern (if you are not familiar, just realize that we SHOULD see a higher right ASLR compared to left).  A bigger issue arises when the left side is longer.  This indicates (if in a L AIC pattern) that an already stretched out left hamstring is even more lengthened than it should and one of the reason we can see many hamstring pulls or issues higher up on the left.”

We will address this a few ways:

  • Re-position the pelvis (1st)
  • Facilitate the left hamstring  (2nd)
  • Re-check

Notice I didn’t include stretch the right hamstring (or isolate the right).  More to come this weekend on what breathing exercises, and movements we will include to help improve performance and reduce the risk of future of past hamstring injuries.




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