An Inside Look into Endeavor’s Staff Training Program

I wanted to take a chance to share with you our staff program that we have been doing for the past 4 weeks. Today marks the completion of the first week in our 2nd phase of our summer program.  Our first phase had an eccentric emphasis (7sec) on all main lifts: RFE Split Squat (back squat grip), SLDL, chin-up, board press, and bench press.  Consequently, the conditioning to go along with the first phase was alactic work in the form of 10sec work intervals: rest was until heart rate came down to 120-130 bpm. These were the methods we used…

  • Side Standing Medball Shotput/Scoop x10sec/side (shotputs 1st day/scoops 3rd day)
  • Forward Sled Push x15 yards (approx 10sec)
  • Slideboard x10sec


So far I have PR’ed on my bench, , PR’ed on my hang clean, drastically improved my RFE Split Squat (around 265 for 2 reps/side), and increased my chin-up max >= +70lbs). The new phase has subtle tweaks to it but the main shift was in dropping the eccentric emphasis.  If you want a copy please contact me just be aware that this program is for people or athlete’s who have experience training in these movements. Take a look at where I started for RFE Split Squats (7sec negative) 4 x 2/side




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