One of the Top Training and Coaching Blueprints

The Guardian, a UK based news resource, had previously printed an interview done with Sir Alex Ferguson about his coaching blueprint for success.  In case you didn’t know, Sir Alex Ferguson is arguably the greatest manager/coach of any sport in our time leading Manchester United to one of the most successful and profitable professional teams in the world (suck on that Yankees).
Here are some of the take homes (using the subtitles the article used) for me as a strength coach/personal trainer.

  • Build a foundation:  Every person is an individual and they need programming and guidance for individual strength, mobility, stability, and structural differences.  There are no cookie cutter programs, fitness challenges, WOD’s, etc…Treat every individual as such.
  • Dare to Rebuild a team: How does this relate to training?  I come back to regressions.  Don’t be afraid to drop weight or regress the exercise.  Sometimes noticing they need a regression means as a coach we went too fast.  Crawl before you walk, walk before you run….it’s a slow process.
  • Set High Standards: Demand the most out of your athletes.  This could mean different things for different age groups.  Younger ones should enjoy the training process and play/train with love and passion.  As they get older it becomes “train to improve.”  Your adult clients should enjoy training as well with all the additional stress accompanied by being a parent (job, family, taking kids here and there etc..). Keep the training simple, maybe add in a challenge at the end of the workout (a goblet squat/swing ladder comes to mind here).
  • Never, Ever Cede Control:  As a coach, you’re one they are coming to for guidance and training which means provide the best you are capable of for their success.  Hence, don’t give them what they want, but what they need.

That’s all I want to share…go read the article here and see how you can improve your own working environment.



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  1. Great article. Thanks!

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