Top Reads for Soccer Athletes: November 4th Edition

Here’s another round of good reads for soccer athletes and coaches alike.

FMS Active Straight Leg Raise Correctives

Early vs. Late Specialization: When should children specialize in sport?

by: Ross Tucker (I am really enjoying his blog and he has a thorough post on this controversial topic)

 Philadelphia Union Fitness Coach Kevin Miller on Optimizing Movement


Kevin Neeld’s Optmizing Movement gets a great review from Kevin Miller who is a great coach, person, and new friend.

Be sure to purchase a copy of Kevin’s DVD here

8-Week Soccer Pre-Season Plan Part 1

Mladen’s blog seems to be the best soccer blog on the planet.  Much of the information is over my head as I have not been in a team setting to understand the ins and outs of monitoring  BUT there is too much good information here to pass up.  At the Seattle Sounder’s seminar this past summer, this was a highly recommended resource so if you train soccer players it’s a must read.



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