Step-by-Step Habits to Optimal Athletic Performance

Most of the athlete’s we start coaching usually ask about what they should be eating, drinking, and incorporating into their daily schedule in order to give themselves the best bang for their buck during the training process.  Each individual has current lifestyle choices that will influence the choices we consider to provide them.  Step-by-step habits that build off one another is one strategy I learned from Precision Nutrition to prevent over complicating the process.

Here is the step by step guide (Precision Nutrition free PDF)

download (4)

Pick ONE of the following habits, and do it every day for 14 days. Once you’ve mastered one, add another habit

1. Exercise for 30 minutes per day (this would be the individualized training program at our facility)

2. Take fish oil (3-5g of DHA/EPA) and multivitamin at breakfast

3. Drink at least 8 cups of water per day

4. Eat at least 4 one-up servings of vegetables

5. Sleep at least 8 hours per night

6. During each meal, stop when approximately 3/4 full

7. 2x during the day, get up and stretch for 5 minutes

8. Eat 4-5 meals per day (See what works for you. It could be 3 meals or 5. Results are different for everyone but this is just a recommendation)

**I’ve seen better results with body composition by eating 3 meals (protein, beans, vegetables) as opposed to 5x/day.

9. Eat lean protein with each meal

10. Replace grains with greens in each meal

To access the entire PDF file Click Here–> Simple Habits for Fat Loss



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