Programming Microcycles: Thoughts for In-Season Soccer Players

 In-Season Soccer Training

     Mladen Jovanovic’s soccer website is becoming my go-to resource for our athlete’s. If you are a parent, player, or coach that is looking for QUALITY information, I suggest heading over to  Recently, Mladen has had colleagues post weekly training templates of their respective teams.  

     In-season training is critically important to the maintenance (possibly improvement) of strength, power, and recovery of soccer players (say whatttttttttt?).  Most of the soccer players that train at our facility seem to do so while in-season which makes us happy because we have the opportunity to keep them healthy and improve training qualities during their season.  Typically, the athlete’s seem to have practice 1-2x per week with games or tournaments occurring during the weekend (either 1 or both days).

    The optimal situation for us and them would be training on non-practice days.  This could look something like…

Sat/Sun: Tournament

Monday: Off 

Tuesday: Training

Wednesday: Practice 

Thursday: Training

Friday: Practice

Sat or Sun: Games again

     If practice sessions were Tuesday/Thursday than we would simply try to switch the training to Monday/Wednesday (or Friday).  If you would like a more comprehensive approach to the weekly thought process, then sign-up in Mladen’s website and read the 3-part in-season training microcycle with viewpoints from coaches at Al-Nasr (Saudi Arabia) and Southend United (England)

Image Image







Planning the in-season microcycle in soccer:

Part 1: Complexity

Part 2: Mark Williams Case-Study

Part 3: Mick McDermott Case-Study




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