Kris Ward“I asked Matt to come and work with our athletes at the Washington Spirit and he made an instant impact.  He was able to give points that immediately translated to the athletes and their movement patterns. He was able to help our athletes move and feel better.  To any athlete that is a big part of of the puzzle. His wealth of knowledge combined with desire to keep learning make him someone that would add value to any organization. ”

Kris Ward
Staff Coach in McLean Youth Soccer

Kevin Neeld-Small

“I’ve now had the pleasure of working with Matt for the last 3 years. In that time, I’ve watched him develop into one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with. Matt is incredibly passionate about athletic development, and is as dedicated to continuing education as anyone I know. More importantly, he can effectively coach the entire spectrum of athletes, from the untrained and uncoordinated youth athlete to those competing at the professional and Olympic ranks. Matt possesses the skill to assess any athlete and design an individualized program based on the athlete’s specific movement capacity, physiological profile, and sport requirements. He also possesses the coaching ability to quickly teach the athlete to move optimally and the leadership to motivate. Simply, Matt brings out the best in everyone he trains. He’s an incredible asset to our team, and has a bright future ahead of him.”

Kevin Neeld

Director of Athletic Development, Endeavor Sports Performance

Kevin Miller


A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Matt. It was apparent right away to me that he is one of those strength coaches who loves what he does for a living. He has surrounded himself with excellent coaches so I know that everyday he is learning something new as it pertains to sport, movement, strength training, nutrition, and life. He has put together a really good website for coaches and has done a great job of putting an emphasis on training soccer players. The articles and videos that he has put together has been a big help to me in terms of my training with soccer players. His knowledge from PRI to the FMS is something that will enable him to become one of the top coaches in our field. I believe over the next 1-2 years he will be recognized as one of the experts in terms of training for soccer players as well as other field and court athletes. As a coach who works with athletes I know that I can use him as a resource to improve my skills and improve the performance of the athletes that I work with.

Kevin Miller

Fitness Coach for the Philadelphia Union














“Matt is one of the best strength coaches in our family. I love him. Also, Matt, don’t forget we have a family dinner on Sunday. Your favorite…meatballs!” – Mrs. Siniscalchi

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