Hip Range of Motion & Groin Strains of Soccer Players

“Groin injuries account for 10-18% of all soccer injuries.  The causes of groin pain can be multiple and 27% of athletes have more than one cause of groin pain.”  I took the quote from this study and will have follow up information from the study.  Sports such as soccer and hockey require excessive use of the hip external rotators and glutes because of the movement patterns required to be successful.  In soccer, there is a whole host of movements that require repetitive use (maybe overuse) of the hip external rotators and glutes.  These include

  • Passing: mostly requires the hip to be placed into external rotation (ER)
  • Taking more accurate shots as opposed to simply striking the ball with the top of the boot

    Left hip is stabilizing, Right Hip in ER, flexion, and adduction

  • The plant leg (hip rotators, glutes, and groins) is trying to decelerate and stabilize in order to transfer force more efficiently for the kicking leg.

Over the course of the season, because of the repetitive movement pattern (just like baseball players lose shoulder IR) or as a result of injury, soccer players will tend to lose hip range of motion (ROM), typically internal rotation.  What else did they note…

  • Groin pain affects every 10-18 out of 100 players per year*
  • They only focused on hip range of motion and its correlation to groin pain but others manifest as groin pain such as osteitis pubis, hernias, hip pathology, and stress fractures of the pelvis (a big reason to try and prevent these injuries)
  • Many more, it is a short study but in my opinion, very informative

I will go into a variety of mobilizations, strength exercises, or stretches that we can use to help our soccer athletes in the next few posts.


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  1. So psyched about this post. Conor’s soccer playing sister Meg has been struggling with her groin for the past month! Thanks!


  1. Addressing Groin Issues with Soccer Players (Continued): The Whole Approach | Matt Siniscalchi Strength & Conditioning

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